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Welcome to my personal website.

Here I hope you can get a small glimpse of my world. This is not a blog, or a definitive look at what interests me, only what people might like to look at or download.

London To Brighton Veteran Cars:

On Sunday 01 November 2015, the London to Brighton veteran car run took place.  Here is an edit of video I took of the event.  The Veteran Car Run takes place the same time every year, the first Sunday of November.


Digital SLR photos:

Here's a selection of photographs I've taken.

My photos at my new flickr account, which is updated as I attend events I photograph.

My photos at my old flickr account (no longer updated).


Videos on this site:

I put videos I shot here on my own website instead of Youtube, Vimeo etc.


Formula One motorsport:

On Tuesday 06 July 2004, the Formula One motor racing circus visited London for a one-off parade of some of the Formula One cars, and their drivers. Check the link to see the pictures I took, audio I recorded of the cars as they passed my position, and a short video clip of the event.


Visits abroad:

Although I've been to a few places around the world, I will only put a few of them online for viewing. You don't need to know everywhere I've been.

Photographs I've taken in this section were all taken with a traditional film SLR camera. I had to scan the prints as I do not have a 35mm negative scanner. The pictures were shot using a 50mm, 200mm, and 500mm lens for extreme close ups (or with an adaptor becoming a 1000mm extreme, extreme close-up lens).

  • Check out my picture gallery of a visit I did to Belgium in 2004.
  • A picture gallery and some video clips of my visit to Belgium in 2006.
  • Visiting Paris (in France) for a day trip, in July 2007.


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